The range of devine
Complete solutions – highest standards

What to expect, if you want an individual designed spa area? Easy answer – everything!

Devine offers complete concepts for unique and breathtaking spa areas, starting off with a local personal meeting, getting to know the personal desires of our customers, creating design offers, producing the unique products and finally a never ending partnership for services and maintenance.

Are you interested? Convince yourself by taking a look at our references or get in touch with us for any requests you may have.

private spa / spa suite

Pure relaxation in your own four walls! Devine brings the wellness vacation to your home, from the simple sauna cabin to your own small wellness area, there are no limits. Individual design and tailor-made quality let you enjoy the time in your own home spa.

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Event sauna
Temperature85-90 °C
Room climate7-10 % humidity
Time10-15 min.

The devine event sauna is a panorama sauna cabin with various coordinated scenarios - you experience a spectacular infusion with light, sound and video effects, as well as mystical fog.

The must-have for the upscale hotel class, appealing design that guarantees moments of wellbeing!

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Finn- / bio sauna
Temperature90°C or 60°C
Room climate10% or 50% humidity
Time10-15 min.

The function of the sauna is well known - and should therefore not be missing in any wellness area. The interplay of (extremely) hot dry air, the infusion and evaporation of water and the subsequent cooling in the cold plunge pool or shower is simply part of wellness and spa enjoyment.

Our experience from many years of building saunas shows that the sauna is always the style-defining element of the wellness and spa area - and it reflects the philosophy of the house. That is why we keep the creative implementation largely open and work closely with the respective architects and planners - but also bring our own ideas and concepts into account if requested. It goes without saying that the associated sauna technology meets the highest standards!

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Infrared cabin
Temperatureabout 45 °C
Room climatemellow
Time10-15 min.

More and more people appreciate the pleasant heat radiation from infrared light. In contrast to the convection heat of the sauna, the invigorating warmth of the full spectrum radiation is effective here. In other words: the heat also has an effect where the infrared light radiates - mostly the full spectrum radiation affects the musculoskeletal system of the wellness guests. The warmth has a deeper and more intense effect without stressing the circulation.

Of course, infrared cabins can also be individually designed and adapted to the philosophy of the house - from classic to rustic to reduced and modern - everything is possible and feasible. The cabin design can also be varied through the ambience (scents, play of light, sounds ...).

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devine snowmotion Cooling by permanent snowfall


The new devine snow shower offers cooling through permanent snowfall and, with its unique design by devine, ensures an exciting experience for body, mind and soul.

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Steam bath / brine steam bath Tropical climate for relaxation.
Temperatureapprox 40-46 °C
Room climate100 % humidity
Time10-20 min.

Both the steam bath and the brine steam bath “play” with the element of water - but not necessarily in liquid form. With relatively low temperatures, but extremely high humidity, an almost tropical climate is created, which affects the entire organism: the muscles relax, the metabolism is stimulated, the skin is cleaned and the airways are cleared. Essential oils give steam baths a very special touch.

The design of the steam bath and brine steam bath is almost free. Here, too, it is possible to respond 100% to the special style elements and specifications of the house and to implement architectural design features. The result is unique steam baths. In other words, unique items that guarantee recognition among guests. In addition, steam baths can be individualized with a wide variety of shapes, lighting, fragrances and much more - even on a daily basis in order to offer guests additional variety.

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Ice fountain / ice room For cooling down, refreshing and regenerating.
Room climatedry
Time10 min.

Water invigorates - especially after a sauna session. Based on the Kneipp treatment, cooling down after a sauna is an ideal boost for the immune system and blood circulation in the body.

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Brine grotto / "gradierwerk" Wellness oasis with fresh sea breeze.
Temperatureapprox 30 °C
Room climatemellow
Time10-15 min.

One cabin - many faces: Experience the beneficial effects of the devine brine grotto! Fine brine mist surrounds you in a cozy atmosphere, surrounded by walls made of salt stones, feel the warmth of the ergonomically shaped loungers and the warmth of the full spectrum infrared radiators. Ultrasonic nebulization allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the finest bronchial ramifications.

Graduation towers have been used to extract salt for centuries. Today this technology is used in the spa area, where brine flows over a brush tower, which evaporates water and leaves salt on the branches. The saline air is created by the graduation house, which has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

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Kneipp basin Health and revival in warm and cold.
Temperature10-20 and 37 °C
Cooling down and stabilizing the circulation, has a preventive effect against varicose veins

With Kneipp therapy - or “treading water” - your guests get active. This hydrotherapy, introduced by Sebastian Kneipp, provides that warm and cold water are passed through alternately at a stork pace. Above all, the blood vessels in the legs are contracted and expanded - all in all, your body gets challenged, invigorated and regenerated.

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Shower / Experience shower Water in it´s most lively form.

Every wellness and spa area needs showers - for washing, cooling down, refreshing and invigorating. In addition to various shower functions (normal showers, rain showers and mist nozzles), the focus in this area is clearly on the design and staging of the showers. Almost all forms and ideas can be implemented here - and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into your wellness and spa concept.

The focus is on fun and adventure. All types of shower landscapes can be created with shapes, colors and lighting. Why not plan a round shower, snail shower or rock shower? With this you set clear accents and offer your guests variety - without having to forego independence and recognition.

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Tepidarium / hamam Gentle warmth in a traditional environment.
Temperatureapprox 40 °C
Room climatedry
Time10-20 min.

Diversity in the wellness area has become an increasingly important criterion for vacationers in upscale hotels and spas in recent years.

With a tepidarium you offer your guests a gentle wellness treatment, which is a dry warm room with heated loungers, floors and walls. The warmth creates a kind of "healthy fever" in the body to strengthen the immune system. Scents, lighting and playing music give the tepidarium a very special touch.

In contrast to the dry tepidarium, there is the traditional hammam, an application in which cold and warm water are used. The skin is pampered and cared for with peelings and massages. The design of a hammam is just as individual, there are no limits from arabesque to sober and modern.

devine - tepidarium - hotel jägeralpe - warthdevine - tepidarium - tauern spa world - kaprun - ©devinedevine - hamam - kärntentherme - villach - ©rabensteiner mariodevine - dampfbad - therme geinberg - geinbergdevine - dampfbad - therme geinberg - geinbergdevine - dampfbad - therme geinberg - geinberg